Collaboration, Teamwork and Respect

With more than 6,000 team members, each individual we employ brings a variety of talents, skills and experiences to the table.

At Lakeland Regional Health, we foster an environment where a diversity of opinions with our team is encouraged and important. Further, each team member plays an integral role in the experience and care that patients and their families receive.

We create a Culture of Relationships and Caring in all that we do. We care for patients and families, for self, for others and the community with deep compassion and mindfulness. We share a deep commitment of time, passion, education and understanding and believe it is the best way to provide care.

Our nursing team was among the first departments at Lakeland Regional Health to adopt Dr. Joanne Duffy’s Quality-Caring Model© as our professional practice model. That model of care is now reflected in all our departments.

By following Dr. Duffy’s eight caring factors of mutual problem solving, healing environment, attentive reassurance, human respect, encouraging manner, appreciation of unique meaning, affiliation needs and basic human needs, our team is able to provide exceptional, individualized care to our patients, families and team members.

Experience our award-winning workplace culture firsthand.