Ambulatory Services

Lakeland Regional Health is an award-winning hospital, but we are so much more. Our workplace is ideal for you if you enjoy or seek:

  • To be part of our rapidly growing Lakeland Regional Health Physician Group
  • To be in the company of more than 200 care providers
  • Access to in-house continuing education symposiums
  • To be part of an organization providing care in more than 25 specialties
  • To join a workplace that embraces a culture of relationships and caring
  • To collaborate with knowledgeable practice managers
  • To work in environments that incorporate state-of-the-art technology


Meet Lindsay Phillips, LPN, Integrated Care Team

Lindsay Phillips, LPN, Integrated Care Team

Every day, Lindsay Phillips reaches out to patients who are in dire need of emergency care. Her job as a member of the Integrated Care Team is to make their lives easier and healthier.

She helps to schedule Emergency Department patients for follow-up appointments and share with patients the directory of highly skilled doctors in Lakeland Regional Health’s Physician Group.

“This allows them to focus on their healing. This way, the patient does not have to worry about phone calls when they get home,” said Ms. Phillips, who has worked for Lakeland Regional Health since 2013.

Ms. Phillips has also worked in Patient Access and as an administrative assistant, taking full advantage of Lakeland Regional Health’s robust Tuition Reimbursement Program.

She was inspired to attain her LPN while working at LRH. “After I received my LPN, I wanted to continue my career at LRH. The benefits at LRH are really good. They do their best to take care of their employees. As an LPN, I definitely want to pursue my RN. The tuition reimbursement has been a really big plus for me.”

Ms. Phillips also is drawn to the Culture of Relationships and Caring created by her Ambulatory team.

“Once you become a part of Lakeland Regional Health, you kind of become a part of a family. Everyone takes care of one another.”

That goes straight to the top, she said.

“I attended my first Town Hall with the CEO, and the fact that she wants to communicate with us … that’s big to me. I like that she has an open-door policy. To me, I feel like our leadership cares.”